Gender equality index

Tableau index égalité
  Calculable indicator (1=yes, 0=no) Final result obtained Number of points obtained Maximum number of indicator points Maximum number of points for calculable indicators
Indicator 1 : gender pay gap (in %) 0 NC* 0 40 0
Indicator 2 : difference in the rate of individual increases between men and women (in equivalent number of employees) 1 9,2* 15 35 35
Indicator 3 : percentage of employees who received a raise in the year following their return from maternity leave 1 100 15 15 15
Indicator 4 : number of employees of the under-represented sex among the 10 highest paid 1 3* 5 10 10
Total of calculable indicators     35 100 60
Professional equality index m/f     NC**   NC**

INDICATOR 1 : NC* : score cannot be calculated taking into account the legal criteria of representativeness and relevance (at least 3 women and 3 men per CSP and age groups)
The valid workforce represents less than 40% of the total workforce

INDICATOR 2 : NC* : A gap in the rate of increase is noted in favor of men (43.8%)
9,2* : number of women who should have received an increase for the increase rates to be equal between men and women

INDICATOR 3 : Employees who returned from maternity leave during the reference period, and during which general and/or individual increases occurred for employees in the same professional category
The increase corresponds to the increase in remuneration linked to the salary catch-up obligation upon return from maternity leave

INDICATOR 4 : Men are over-represented among the highest paid employees
3* : number of women among the 10 highest earners (underrepresented sex)

NC** : the index is incalculable because the maximum number of points of the calculable indicators is less than 75