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The diversity of our businesses is our strength . This diversity allows us to develop our adaptability, our operating flexibility, our responsiveness and to develop ever more innovative solutions to meet your needs while respecting your constraints and a total cost control .









(including 80 refrigerated)





Our news

25 Nov

[ACTUALITÉ TRANSPORTS BAUDOUIN] ⛑️ Sauveteur Secouriste du Travail (SST) : recyclage validé, pour 7 de nos collaborateurs. Le rôle du SST est de porter les premiers secours à toute victime d'un accident du travail, mais aussi d'être acteur de la prévention des risques professionnels dans son entreprise. Merci à Arnaud pour la photo. 📷 #formation #sécurité #SST #Baudouin #transport

17 Nov

[RECRUTEMENT✨] Nous avons le plaisir de vous présenter nos nouveaux alternant(e)s exploitant(e)s. Victoria et Louis seront avec nous pendant 1 an dans le cadre d'un Titre Professionnel Gestionnaire des Opérations de Transport Routier de Marchandises. Tandis qu'Antoine sera présent 2 ans afin d'effectuer un BTS Gestion des Transports et Logistique Associée. 👩‍🎓👨‍🎓 Nous leur souhaitons une belle aventure au sein des Transports Baudouin ! 😃 #bienvenue #alternance #exploitant #exploitante #transport #formation #avenir #baudouin

09 Nov

[RECRUTEMENT] Retour en images sur le job dating organisé par la mairie de Prahecq et Niort Agglo , ou nous avons pu rencontrer de nombreux candidats. Cette deuxième édition aura été une nouvelle fois une très belle réussite, tant au niveau de l'organisation que par le nombre de candidats à l'emploi qui s'y sont présentés. Vous n'avez pas eu l'opportunité de venir nous rencontrer sur le salon ? Consultez nos offres à pouvoir sur la page emploi de notre site internet 🧐📝 ➡ À très vite pour une nouvelle édition. 🚚 #jobdating #recrutement #transport #emplois #compétences #niort #salon

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What our clients think of us

When human values are added to professionalism, the ingredients are there for a long-term partnership. We have trusted each other for 40 years.

Jérémie ROBERT


Backed by a collaboration of several decades, Cheminées POUJOULAT recognizes the professionalism and the sense of listening to customers of the teams of Transports BAUDOUIN. Thanks to their proximity, BAUDOUIN transports know how to react quickly and respond to our needs efficiently.



COOPERL has always been on the path to quality thanks to partners such as VIAFROID transport.

Gérald Blanchard

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In response


Do you do international transport?

Yes, our PALET SYSTEM network allows us to serve 45 countries in Europe.

What kind of freight do you transport?

All types of freight as long as it is palletized with 4 entrances for the pallet truck. General merchandise, food, carpentry, cupboards, bundles etc ...


Are you transporting hazardous material?

Our drivers have clearance (ADR) and our PALET SYSTEM network accepts hazardous materials in packages. However, the following are excluded: class 1 (explosives), class 2 (gas), class 6.2 (infectious substances), class 7 (radioactive substances).

On which sites are you established?

Niort 79 (head office) - Nantes 44 (branch) - Le Mans 72 (branch) - St Maixent l’Ecole 79 (refrigerated subsidiary VIAFROID).

What equipment do you have?

150 road tractors 100% euros 6 - semi-trailers of all types : tautliner, van, refrigerated, city 9 and 11 mpl, duplex, pits, swap bodies (rail/road).

Do you do exceptional transport?

No, but we have partners in our group who are specialized in this area. We can put you in touch with them.

What type of pricing do you offer?

We adapt to demand. Prices per floor meter, 80x120 or 100x120 pallet, roll, weight, m3.

Do you offer short-term vehicle and driver rental?

Yes, we adapt even if we prefer long-term rental (3-4-5 years).

Do you do refrigerated transport and what type of goods do you transport?

The BAUDOUIN group and its subsidiary VIAFROID operate 64 refrigeration units. We work for slaughterhouses, dairy cooperatives, market gardening nurseries, large distribution subcontracting for other transporters.

Do you have a CSR approach?

The company has embarked on its green shift.
The implementation of an action plan for the protection of the environment and the reduction of our CO2 emissions is at the heart of our development
Our fleet is renewed regularly and meets the latest environmental standards for CO2 emissions, 100% of our heat engines are Euro 6.
The BAUDOUIN group is also equipped with 4 Bio CNG tractors. We sort all of our waste on our sites (paper, cardboard, films, used oils, metals, wood).
Our new platform (HUB 79 Niort) is in full LED lighting and collects all of the rainwater which we then use to wash our vehicles.
We are major players in the Niort railway platform, a road rail solution in Niort to Fos sur mer.